Learn Customer Support Tactics from Julia Whatley

Key Lessons from our Course

  • Using Customer Support to enhance the Customer Experience

    Learn how to use Customer Support to improve Customer Experience by understanding what customers ask and helping them throughout their journey.

  • Using CS Automations

    You don’t have to go through all the customer requests manually. Automation is bliss in eCommerce in general but also for customer support in particular. See what you can and should automate to become more efficient.

  • Driving Sales with the Support team

    Besides helping customers, your Customer Support team can also drive sales by answering questions about your products, service or brand. Learn how!

Meet Julia Whatley

Partnership Manager at Refersion

In the CVO Academy, Julia teaches

Customer Support Tactics.

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Who is Julia Whatley

Julia Whatley is the Partnerships Manager at Refersion. Julia also managed strategic partnerships for Gorgias on the West Coast Region of North America.

Prior to joining Gorgias, she worked on the marketing and partnerships side at BounceX, which enables eCommerce brands to better recognize their customers online, providing 1-to-1 marketing at scale. She also worked at Yotpo, a user-generated content marketing platform for D2C brands.

Julia loves building relationships with partners and watching eCommerce merchants grow through amazing customer experiences.
Dennis Yu - CVO Academy Instructor

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Each graduate of the CVO Academy will receive an unique CVO Expert Certification that they can include on their resume or as a badge on their Linkedin Profile.

To be a Certified Customer Value Optimization Expert means to master leveraging customer insights, being able to predict customer behavior and knowing how to use all the necessary eCommerce tools and disciplines from Support to Analytics to Email and Ads to generate a positive Customer Experience and increase Customer Lifetime Value.

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