Valentin Radu

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Entrepreneur, data-driven marketer, CRO expert, CVO evangelist, international speaker, father, husband, and pet guardian.

20 years of experience in B2B & B2C. Delivered over 100 Keynotes.

Valentin is CEO & Founder at Omniconvert, a tech company with 8 years of experience in data-driven growth solutions for eCommerce companies.

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Valentin Radu

CEO & Founder at Omniconvert

Bob Moesta

Learn about Customer Research and the Jobs To Be Done Methodology from
A visual thinker, teacher, and creator, Bob Moesta has worked on & helped launch more than 3,500 new products, services and businesses across nearly every industry, including defense, automotive, software, financial services and education, among many others.

The Jobs to be Done theory is just one of 25 different methods and tools he uses to speed up and cut costs of successful development projects.

He is a guest lecturer at The Harvard Business School, MIT Sloan School of Entrepreneurship and Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management.

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Bob Moesta

Lecturer at The Harvard Business School

Dennis Yu

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Dennis amplifies exposure and sales of successful entrepreneurs via systems, analytics, and young adults certified in our digital marketing training.

As CTO of Blitzmetrics, Dennis partners with universities, the military, DigitalMarketer, and GoDaddy to create jobs.

Specialties: Digital Marketing, Facebook Advertising, Revenue Optimization

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Dennis Yu

Chief Technology Officer at Blitzmetrics

Val Geisler

Learn Email Strategy from
Val Geisler is ridiculously obsessed with email, and for good reason.

As the Chief Evangelist at Klaviyo, Val and her team care deeply about the biggest problem plaguing subscription-based brands: how do we get customers to stick around? Turns out there's more to that than just a great product.

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Val Geisler

Customer Evangelist at Klaviyo

Karl Gilis

Learn about Customer Experience, CRO & Company Culture from
According to PPC Hero, Karl is the 3rd most influential Conversion Expert in the world. Together with his heroes Nir Eyal, Daniel Kahneman and Don Norman Karl, he features on the list of 30 Conversion Masterminds. He has no idea how he ended up there. But it sounds cool, doesn't it?

Karl has been the managing partner of AGConsult since 2001. He grows businesses by increasing customer happiness. Always based on user research, facts and A/B testing. Because opinions are just opinions.

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Karl Gilis

Managing Partner of AGConsult

Juliana Jackson

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Juliana is an entrepreneur turned serial-intrapreneur working for more than 10 years in technology (SaaS & Ecommerce).

Juliana is the Chief Evangelist @ Omniconvert, providing guidance and education that transforms ecommerce brands through the implementation of Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) principles.

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Juliana Jackson "The CLV Lady"

Chief Evangelist at Omniconvert

Chase Dimond

Learn about Email Tactics and Flows from
Chase Dimond is a Top Ecommerce Email Marketer and Partner at Boundless Labs, an ecommerce email marketing agency.

Since launching Boundless Labs in June of 2018, the agency helped its clients acquired 1M+ online community members via non-paid acquisition, sent over a billion emails resulting in over $50 million in email attributable revenue.

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Chase Dimond

Partner at Structured & Founder of

Julia Whatley

Learn Customer Support Tactics from
Julia Whatley manages strategic partnerships for the Customer Support company Gorgias on the West Coast Region of North America.

Julia loves building relationships with partners and watching eCommerce merchants grow through amazing customer experiences.

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Julia Whatley

Strategic Partner Manager at Gorgias

Cristi Movila

Learn about eCommerce Growth from
Cristi Movila is VTEX's Growth Leader for Central and Eastern Europe.

With an experience of over 13 years in building online business lines for large companies in Romania, Cristi managed to build from scratch, launch and coordinate top online and omni-channel projects in Romania and close regions, in fields such as Cosmetics or Fashion for market leaders such as Coty and Otter.

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Cristi Movila

Growth Leader for Central and Eastern Europe