Learn Customer Value Optimization from Valentin Radu

Key Lessons from our Course

  • Why Customer Acquisition without Retention is wasting money

    What’s the use of acquiring customers if they never come back? Learn why Customer Lifetime Value should be your priority and what to do to increase it.

  • The CVO Methodology

    The Customer Value Optimisation Methodology includes nine big steps every eCommerce should take to generate sustained profit. Find out what the nine steps are and how to do them right.

  • Practical CVO Tactics

    Learn the quick wins and groundbreaking strategies that will elevate your business to the next level, from Customer Segmentation to Product Assortment Optimization to Retention on steroids.

Meet Valentin Radu

CEO at Omniconvert

In the CVO Academy, Valentin teaches

Customer Value Optimization.

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Who is Valentin Radu

Valentin Radu is an entrepreneur, data-driven marketer, CRO expert, CVO evangelist, international speaker, father, husband, and pet guardian.

He is CEO & Founder at Omniconvert, a tech company with 8 years of experience in data-driven growth solutions for eCommerce companies.

Valentin is a prominent Keynote Speaker and has presented at over 100 International events over the last seven years, including DMEXCO, Mobile Web Congress, SMXL, Growth Marketing Conference, MeetMagento, Conversion World, Webit, WebSummit, SemDays, Gpec, HowToWeb, IceeFest, Ecommerce Brazil, LMFA Singapore, TechinAsia, etc.
Dennis Yu - CVO Academy Instructor

The Customer Value Optimization Academy

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How will this course help me?

Each graduate of the CVO Academy will receive an unique CVO Expert Certification that they can include on their resume or as a badge on their Linkedin Profile.

To be a Certified Customer Value Optimization Expert means to master leveraging customer insights, being able to predict customer behavior and knowing how to use all the necessary eCommerce tools and disciplines from Support to Analytics to Email and Ads to generate a positive Customer Experience and increase Customer Lifetime Value.

Get access to the Customer Value Optimization Course and Certification now

Access Valentin's chapter and so much more