Terms and Conditions for enrollment into the CVO Academy

The present terms and conditions is a click-wrap contract by Omniconvert SRL that must be accepted before ordering any service on the website Academy.omniconvert.com. Any order confirmed by the Client by checking the box “I have read and accepted the Terms and Conditions CVO Academy” represents an acceptance from the Client of the offer from Omniconvert SRL in the conditions expressed by the Romanian legislation on e-commerce and checking the box represents an electronic signature in the sense of art 3 p.10 from EU Regulation 910/2014, both parties recognise it with the same legal value as a handwritten signature.

1. Definitions

CVO Academy or Academy.omniconvert.com : Omniconvert SRL., VAT ID: RO 31411197, J40/3841/2013,  with its headquarters in Str. Vasile Stroescu nr 14, District 2, Postal code: 021374, Bucharest, Romania 

Service: any digital services that may be acquired by a Client from the website Academy.omniconvert.com

Client: physical or legal person that places a valid order on Academy.omniconvert.com. The Client is the only one responsible for the accuracy of the information send through an order and keeping this information up to date at Academy.omniconvert.com.

Order: the process of buying one or more services displayed at the website Academy.omniconvert.com, performed by a Client

2. Accepting Terms and Conditions.

The present terms and conditions is a sale click-wrap contract by Omniconvert SRL that is applicable to all orders performed on Academy.omniconvert.com. The Client must read and accept these terms and conditions before placing an order. All valid orders imply accepting this contract by the Client. 

Academy.omniconvert.com reserves the right to modify the present terms and conditions in any moment. The version applicable to an order is the one available on  Academy.omniconvert.com in the moment when the order has been placed by the Client.

3. Services and their availability

Our offer for the services and its price are available as long as they are displayed on Academy.omniconvert.com. 

The Service CVO Academy is described on Academy.omniconvert.com and includes digital available content in text and audio-video, respectively, available via our platform on the announced subjects. 

The Service will be available from the date publicly announced on Academy.omniconvert.com and will remain accessible to our Clients for at least 12 months from the day of the launch.

The Service allows connecting only one browser/Client at the same time to the content of the service. For allowing more persons to be connected at the same time, we recommend to acquire several services, using the Group discount price option.

For accessing the service, the Client needs a functional Internet connection while it is being logged on Academy.omniconvert.com with the credentials received or created during registration, with a modern browser (Firefox 78 or newer - or similar) that allows access to content in text or audio--video. We highly recommend to access the content from a laptop or desktop and not from a mobile device, where certain images or functionalities might not be at the best quality due to the size of your screen. 

The CVO Academy service offers its Clients a limited access, for personal use, to the content of the service, explained in detail in the article 5 on copyrights.

4. Price 

The prices presented on the website and in the final order are final and complete prices. There are no delivery charges for this service or parts of this service. 

We accept only online card payments, as described at https://Academy.omniconvert.com/

In the case of a specific period for a price, this aspect will be clearly marked on the specific promotion period. 

There are also options for group discounts in case of acquiring two or more services for accessing the CVO Academy, as described on the website.  

5. Copyright

The entire content of the services and of the websites Academy.omniconvert.com - which includes images, text, audio-video content, graphics, signs, other graphical elements and any other original works - is the intellectual property of Omniconvert SRL and its project partners and is protected by the relevant copyright and related rights legislation.

Using any work without the agreement of Omniconvert SRL or its rightsholder, beyond any legal exceptions or limitations or its rights allowed through this document, will be punished according to the legislation in force.

The Service CVO Academy offers its Client a limited access, for personal use, to the content of the service.

This services does not grant any other intellectual property right to any part of the content, other than it was specifically described above. For the avoidance of any doubt, this services does not allow transferring the right to access the services to the Client, or to allow partial or complete reproduction of content, to allow copies or to sell/resell or exploit the works on any other manner, in any commercial or noncommercial purposes. 

To report any intellectual property infringements, contact us at contact@omniconvert.com 

Any unauthorised access to the non-public elements of the website Academy.omniconvert.com, including the content of the services may representing the crime of access without right to a computer system, which will be reported to the competent legal authorities for proper enforcement.

6. Right of Withdrawal

According to the applicable Romanian legislation, a European consumer has the right to notify in writing Omniconvert SRL its right to withdraw from the contract, with no reason and no penalties in 14 days from buying the service. This article is applicable only for consumers/physical persons. 

If the access to the service is available and it starts to be delivered, taking into consideration the provision of a digital content which is not based on a material support, it will be applicable the exception in Art 16 m) from OUG 34/2014 which specifies that you will give up your right of withdrawal so that services can begin before the expiry of the 14-day period.

Any such request must be dated and signed by the client and send to Academy.omniconvert.com in any clear way. In order to be compliant with the EU legislation on the matter,  Academy.omniconvert.com also makes it available to you the unique EU model withdrawal form - Downloadable from here.

The current article is available only when the client is a physical person, according to European legislation on provision of distance contracts.

7. Personal data

CVO Academy processes the personal data according to the details in information notice  available here https://academy.omniconvert.com/pages/privacy

8. Force Majeure

In cases of force majeure, Academy.omniconvert.com and its partners shall be entirely exempt from liability. Force majeure cases include, but are not limited to, errors in operation of technical equipment of the company, no functioning of the internet connection, denial of service attacks, no functioning of telephone and Internet connections, computer viruses, hacking attacks of any type and interference with any malicious software, unauthorized access in the Omniconvert systems, operational errors, strike etc.

9. Changes of the website

Academy.omniconvert.com reserves the right to suspend, modify, add or change in any moment parts of its content. Also, Academy.omniconvert.com reserves the right to suspend the access of Internet users or visitors to a part or its entire content, as long as it doesn’t affect the access to the service ordered by the Client.

10.  Solving disputes

Any dispute on this agreement will be solved firstly amicably. In case this is not possible, it could be challenged in front of the competent Romanian courts from the headquarters of Academy.omniconvert.com.

Also, the European Commission makes available the SOL platform for alternative dispute resolution system in case of distance contracts - the platform is available at http://ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/

11. Applicable legislation

The present contract is available in Romanian and English at https://academy.omniconvert.com/pages/terms . The rights and obligations of the parties from the current terms and conditions, as long as all their legal effects produced by the current terms will be interpreted and governed by the applicable Romanian legislation in force.