Learn Customer Experience Tactics from Karl Gilis

Key Lessons from our Course

  • Customer Experience and Retention

    Customer expectations are different from brand to brand, from product to product, from segment to segment. If you want to make them buy more, you need to offer more, exceeding their expectations. Learn what it takes to make customers spend up to 140% more.

  • The 5 Phases that impact the Customer Journey

    What happens when you delight your customers and what happens when you mess it up? Learn what to do in each of the 5 phases that your customers go through.

  • Continuous CX Improvement

    The Customer Journey isn’t just some fancy name for a process used by Marketing & Sales teams. It’s a process that should be part of the company’s DNA. See what you can do to make it so.

Meet Karl Gilis

Managing Partner at AG Consult

In the CVO Academy, Karl teaches

Customer Experience and its impact on the Customer Journey

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Who is Karl Gilis

According to PPC Hero, Karl is the 3rd most influential Conversion Expert in the world. Together with his heroes Nir Eyal, Daniel Kahneman and Don Norman Karl, he features on the list of 30 Conversion Masterminds.

He has no idea how he ended up there. But it sounds cool, doesn't it?

Karl has been the managing partner of AGConsult since 2001. He grows businesses by increasing customer happiness. Always based on user research, facts and A/B testing. Because opinions are just opinions.
Dennis Yu - CVO Academy Instructor

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Each graduate of the CVO Academy will receive an unique CVO Expert Certification that they can include on their resume or as a badge on their Linkedin Profile.

To be a Certified Customer Value Optimization Expert means to master leveraging customer insights, being able to predict customer behavior and knowing how to use all the necessary eCommerce tools and disciplines from Support to Analytics to Email and Ads to generate a positive Customer Experience and increase Customer Lifetime Value.

Get access to the Customer Value Optimization Course and Certification now

Access Karl's chapters and so much more